About Us

About Our Charity

Honored to be one of the reputed charities, we are here to improve the lives of vulnerable kids so that they get all the opportunities they deserve. At the time of crisis, our team is first to put foot and last to step off, ensuring children are fully protected from harm and lead a happy and violence-free life.
  • Believe no single child is ignored or lost
  • Offer essentials – Education, Food, Shelter
  • Tackle a wide range of issues that affect kids
  • Ensure a brighter future for kids and their families

Meet Angella’s Team

A group of good listeners desiring to change one’s life

Delroy Sinclair


Angella Dacres

Founder and Director

Jane Tomlin


Wadud Grant


Our Mission

We have a mission to connect with the givers globally and work together to end poverty. The investment made is further used by us to create an environment where kids can enjoy their childhood and lead a healthy life.
Our team goes beyond to support kids and families facing poverty and financial hardship. We work around three primary themes – providing food, education, and safe shelter.